Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling will be operating on a normal schedule for Memorial Day. There will be no delay in service for the week of Monday, May 31st, 2021.

Recycle Right

No Recyclables in Plastic Bags
We ask that when recycling your cans, bottles, cardboard and other materials, you do not place them in plastic bags. Plastic bags make material difficult to sort and are not always themselves recyclable.
No Electronics or Small Appliances
No Food or Liquids
No Styrofoam
No Clothes, Textiles, Bedding or Rugs
No Holiday Lights, Hangers or Extension Cords
No Paper Napkins, Plates, Cups or Tissues
No Batteries
No Bowling Balls
No Furniture or Carpet
No Yard Waste
No Chemical containers with liquid
No Gas containers or aluminum propane
No Tires or Auto Parts
No Plants
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