Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling will be operating on a normal schedule for Memorial Day. There will be no delay in service for the week of Monday, May 31st, 2021.

Always working for a sustainable tomorrow

How Recycling Center Works
Starts With You
You carefully and thoughtfully sort your recyclables from your garbage, doing your part to help our planet.
Twin Bridges collects your recycling containers and loads your recycled materials onto our trucks.
Our trucks deliver your material to our recycling center, where it’s emptied out and prepared for processing.
Your material is put through our Green Machine technology, where it goes through a meticulous sorting process that categorizes by material type.
Distribution / Re-use
Your recycled materials are then shipped all over the world for re-use. We work with various organizations to ensure that your items are effectively re-purposed.
Recycling Center Numbers
With the latest in recycling technology, our Green Machine system is built with one purpose—to make your recyclables available for reuse. When you put a bottle, can, or piece of cardboard in your recycle container, it eventually ends up here, where we handle it to ensure maximum re-use.
70 000+
Happy Clients
Tons of Material Recycled
Local Jobs Created
Our Equipment

We use top of the line technology from Green Machine, which includes a residential single-stream and commercial dry waste recycling system. This fully automated recycling plant features seven Green Screens, seven patented hyperspectral Green Eye optical sorters, and (coming soon!) an i-BOT robotic sorter. This technology allows Twin Bridges to produce repurposable materials of the highest quality.

Our People

At Twin Bridges, integrity means everything.
Our work is all about protecting what’s precious to us—and that includes our people. We treat our staff with the utmost respect and dignity, and as a result, every member of our team is committed to serving our community and our planet. For the staff at Twin Bridges, it’s not just a job, it’s a way to make an impact.

Critical factors for
Twin Bridges recycling center
Natural gas generators
The primary source of power for the recycling center is natural gas
249 Tons / Day
We process up to 249 Tons of recyclable materials daily
Our goal is to create as much high quality, repurposable material out of your recycling as possible.
Inside Our Recycling Center
Always wondered where your empty cans and bottles go? Now’s your chance to see it with your own eyes. Take a look at our Recycling Center’s virtual tour, and find out how products are sorted for re-use.
How to Recycle Right
Recycling Guide